Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BTS Blog Hop and TpT Giveaway!

Wow! It's that time of year again! Back..... to..... School!

I'm teaming up with Heidi over at Droppin' Knowledge for a great back to school GIVEAWAY!

I've been a busy bee getting my room ready! I always try to add or tweak a few things to make it a little different. I used to try to do a new theme every year.... that got expensive and old really quickly. I got tired of changing everything each and every year. A few years ago I decided to go with a colorful theme. Black with lots of colors! I love it.

I did update a few things and have a few new creations this year:

My new birthday board is bright and colorful!  It includes a "Happy Birthday" banner posters for each month!  I laminated each poster and use sharpie to write names and birthdates for each child.  To remove sharpie, just color with dry erase marker and wipe off!  As good as new!  This set also includes birthday certificated for the kids, too!  You can get it HERE!

My Classroom Job chart is one of my favorites!  This packet includes 52 job cards.  You can pick and choose what you need for your classroom.  I printed each job and attached to colorful library pockets.  You can use these on a magnetic board or pocket chart!  I colorful title is also included for displaying on the wall!  You can get it HERE!

I use Secret Agent Numbers for EVERYTHING in my classroom! And I mean everything!  I make several sets and they are EVERYWHERE AND used for MANY things!  

 Each child is assigned a number at the beginning of the year.  Then use these secret agent numbers to label cubbies, mailboxes, book bins, desks, supplies.... you name it!  I also have couple of sets with magnetic tape on the back.  I use one set on my Daily 5 choice board and the other set is used for students to check in when they come into the classroom each day.  They simply move the number from the word "Home" to the word "School."  It's a great time saver in the morning!    Secret Agent Numbers are great to use for student participation, too!  Simply hot glued each number to a craft stick and put them in a little bucket.  I randomly pick a stick!  Keeps the kids on their toes!    Need to partner students up?  Pick a stick!   I love my Secret Agent Numbers!  You can get them HERE!

And last, but certainly not least, I have new name plates!  They are available in two styles:

Classic Colors with White Background:

Click HERE to get them!

Click HERE to get them! 

Or you can choose Name Plates in Classic Colors with Black Background:

Click HERE to get it!

Click HERE to get it!  

And now......  on the the good stuff......  THE GIVEAWAY!   WOOOOO  HOOOOO!

Here's what you can win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to see other great prizes you can win?  Head on over to Droppin' Knowledge by clicking HERE!

Good Luck!

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