Sunday, April 13, 2014

FREEBIES with Creative Clips

Krista Wallden , over at The Creative Chalkboard and Creative Clips, is celebrating reaching 10,000 followers at her TpT store!  To help celebrate, Alison from A Tale of 2 First Grades invited me to join her Link Up Party!  I'm so excited!  

Krista's clipart has inspired me and many others to design some AMAZING creations!  The best part is they are all FREE!  Yep, you heard me!  FREE!  

Here is my FREEBIE!  All you have to do is click on the picture!

Want more FREEBIES?  Click the image below to get 'em!

Don't keep this a secret!  Be sure to tell every teacher you know about these great FREEBIES!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the blog as a thank you.  :)

Oh, I almost forgot!  Be sure to stop by Krista's TpT store!  She is celebrating with tons of FREEBIES!  Check out her store HERE!  Be sure to leave feedback about her products!  If she reaches 40, 000 votes by Tuesday, there is another surprise for us!  Let's help her reach her goal! 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Silly Sentence Freebie and Good News!

I think Spring has finally sprung!  I never thought it would get here.  The grass is green.  The daffodils are beginning to bloom.  The air is warmer.  The sun is shining!  Ahhhhhh!

With all of this excitement, I decided it was time for a Spring Freebie!  :)

I just created Spring Silly Sentences!

My firsties LOVE to do this as part of Daily 5!  All they do is choose words from each column and write a sentence.  Then, they identify the noun and verb.  You can get this for FREE!  All you need to do is follow my Facebook page HERE.

Have you heard the good news?  My friend  Krista, over at The Creative Chalkboard, is celebrating reaching 10,000 followers at her TpT store!  To celebrate, she is going to have 10 Day, 10,000 Follower Celebration with a LOAD of freebies, giveaways and special offers! Don't miss out!!!  I am a huge fan of hers and can honestly say that I LOVE her stuff!  Her images are so crisp and clear!

Today, make sure you:

1.) Download her Free Favorite Thing #1 in herTpT store!  (This is something I can use a lot!)  You can get it HERE.

2.) Check out her new Fan Freebie for a COMPLETE SET OF CLIPART- Little Buggies!   (OH MY WORD!  They are the cutest bugs EVER!)  You can get it HERE.

3.) CHECK OUT her LIMITED EDITION SET! It is on sale for $5.00 for one week before the price goes up for the second week!    You can get it HERE.

Congrats to Krista!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Currently

It's not quite feeling like spring here.  But it's April.  I'll take it.  Warm weather has to be around the corner, right?

Since it's the beginning of April that means it is time for a new Currently!

Listening to:   Big Bang Theory!  It always makes me laugh! This episode is one of my top ten favorite episodes:

LOVING:  We have been focusing on non fiction writing.  My first graders LOVE it!  

You can get a copy of the book my kiddos are working on HERE.

THINKING:  I am starting to see signs of spring!  So happy!  I walked out my front door this morning and my daffodils looked similar to this:  

I can't wait until they open! 

Then maybe it will get a litter warmer out....

WANTING:  a nap.  I'm not asking for much.  No. Can. Do.  Too much to do. 

NEEDING:  to finish a project for my Writer's Workshop.  I got the idea from my friend, Liz.  I can't wait to share it with you.  Stay tuned.... I will tell you all about it soon!  I promise! 

HOURS and LAST DAY:  Our Last Day is May 30.  The kids have a half day.  Sadly, we have to put in a whole day.  But, it does give the teachers an opportunity to get a few final things done before we leave for the summer!

The last day will be here before we know it!  Now the pressure is on to get things done!  YIKES!
Be sure to check out what other teachers are doing Currently.